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Letters from Customers

Clicker dies and the M A Series iii Clicker

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Samples of notes recieved from our clients.

Good Morning Llew,

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to let you know that we produced another job yesterday with the clicker press we purchased from you years ago, and the knife we used as well is one that you made for us some time ago and is reused frequently. Thankyou for making this product, it has more than paid for itself over the years and when we needed it the most yesterday for an urgent order, it behaved just how we expect it to, flawlessly. I know we did not buy anything from you this time for this job, but I know we will when the need arises. Thankyou.


Kind Regards,

Stephen Egan 

Calibrated Printing Services

PO Box 3277, Clontarf  Qld  4509

Ph: (07) 3889 5353  Fax:  (07) 3889 4851


David Anderson :- Hawaii


Hey Llew, Thanks



If you looked at the hat site you will see that I do wooden bills on baseball caps. Each bill has three laminates each of which I have cut out meaning at well past 10,000, (ten thousand) hats in the last ten plus years I have pulled that damn lever 30,000 times. So I can relate to your project fatigue!


I started out in the marine world, boatbuilding and shipwrighting, running boats delivering etc. tugs, fishing you name it. I have enough mileage to really appreciate the machine work and engineering you have done on these. Unfortunately, unlike most things built today my press will probably outlast me. I would love to get the new model and if we can expand enough will do so just to have the full collection.


See you when you get to the Big Island and if I ever get to Australia I will look you up.


All the best, Dave