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Knives FAQ

Clicker dies and the M A Series iii Clicker

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Information on Lucris Clicker Dies

Q Depth (height) of knives available:-

A 19mm and 32mm (50 & Higher for some specific applications).


Q Steel thickness:-

A 2mm and 2.5mm(HD)


Q Edge typ:-

A Standard bevel is available in BE  (Single edge) and BD (Double edge)

Several other bevals are used for certian specific applications.


Q Accuracy:-

A Although all dies are hand built the accuracy to the "origonal pattern" will in most cases be better than 0.2 of a mm to that pattern, we do however not guarantee better than 0.2 of one mm.


Q Materials suited to cutting with press dies (knives) :-

A Most flexible soft to semi-rigid materials. EG Leather, Plastic, Cloth, Rubber, Vinyl, Carpet, Vinyl Flooring +++++