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Knife patterns

Clicker die patterns

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Clicker die patterns.


Stock Knives

We have no stock of knives.
All designs belong to the person supplying them, and we do not copy them
for others.
Any knives you require must be made to the patterns you supply to us.
Although it may be difficult, you need to pay attention to making high
quality patterns, as our contract with you is to follow those patterns as
accutately as possible this will be within plus or minus 0.2mm.

Note:- All shapes are done esentially "by hand".

PS:- Although we rarely have a problem with any knives, should for any reason you wish to make a claim, you must return the origonal pattern( even though it may look slightly burnt, and have bits of tape on it ) with the claim.



Knife quote (price).

It would be so nice if I could simply look at some pictures or some bits of #stuff and tell you a price.
Sorry it is not that easy.

We actually need full sized patterns in our hands before I can work out a price.
You do not need to part with your original patterns, simply clip them firmly to some *pattern card and using a very sharp pencil very accurately draw the total shape (and holes)
Then cut  the card outside the pattern  into posting size pieces fold if necessary and post them.
When I get the patterns I will email you a price.
#Please note :- Bits of stuff (old leather parts, parts hacked  from plastic, or general bits of material in any form) are not patterns.
When the shape you send us is not accurate, we have to guess and we could easily get it wrong, as we do not know your particular trade.


Ordering Dies (knives)

*pattern card

200gsm clean light colour stiff cardboard (an office manilla folder will work)

Also:- Please write your name at least on every pattern, and supply your phone number, email, and delivery address.

For the most part we require that you post a pattern of what you are wanting to make.

The above pattern should be fully cut to your final shape, and made from 200GSM  craft cardboard.

Other acceptable card is Office Manila folder card.

Almost any size pattern should be ok with this method (posted)

EMAIL PATTERNS :-  Max size A4 ( must fit on an A4 sheet of paper)

You have several choices

You may do almost any shape with Adobe Illustrator and send it as PDF.
But Please:-
When sending via electronic means -- it is always a good idea to put a reference measurement in one corner on the same sheet.

It can be a circle, square,or  2 lines one vertical and one horizontal at say 20mm each.( a 20mm x 20mm square in one corner is best)

There is then no need to put measurements on your work(pattern) as we can see immediately if there is a "printed" size difference.
Please note:- A photo of something is not a pattern even if it has measurements, as a photo is not to scale.
We need to get a full size pattern  (to scale).
If you only require simple to medium geometric shapes, you have a couple of choices.
Option 1
Use our free software.

Windows or Linux (wine) sorry no Mac

Our free software:-  Click the link above and download the PrintShape.zip.
Extract the file to any directory on any drive (including USB).

From that drive  Execute the (exe) ShapePrint.

And for the first and only time set your name (or company name) and your email in the supplied boxes on the bottom of the panel.

From then on simply decide what shape you require and set the dimensions by spinning up (or down) the mm sizes to on or just over what you require.

Click the PDF button and a dated file will be auto- saved to your desktop.

Attach the file to an email and send it to us. at  knives@lucris.com.au

Sorry only 1 shape per page (regardless of size), if you have several patterns you will need a file (sheet) for each one.
Option 2

If the shape is very simple -- ie Square, circle, rectangle.

Simply type the measurements in mm (with your details) on an Email and send it to us.
Footnote :- Extra costs will occur if we have to match apattern to some object.