Knife (die) Q & A

Australian Clicker Press M A Series III


Q  :- Are press knives expensive?

A:- Generally not but a simple answer is not possible as there are thousands of knife designs possible.

For instance a simple knife (19mm high)  to cut drink coasters round /or hex of sqr with round corners generally slightly under $30.

However a very large knife to cut the back lining for a three seater lounge chair(couch) will be hundreds of dollars.

We are always able to quote on any dies you may require.

Q:- Can fringing dies be made as in multi blades side by side to cut lots of thin strips from leather at one time.

A:- The short answer is yes but for the most part you are better to think no.

If they are more than about 3-4 cuts and longer than 100mm they will not in fact work,   because of the structure of our steel multi knives compact and simply stop cutting.

Q:- can I make multu- lacing holes all around the edge of a cutting die (a few mm spaced).

A:- Yes we can but -- it will be incredibly expensive to make, and only worth doing if you plan to produce (and have the sales for) thousands of pcs cut from each of these knives.

Definately not practical for short or even medium production runs.



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