Lucris Press Knives

Lucris Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Clicker die patterns required to create your knives.

Below is an indication of what is a pattern could be but  millions of shapes are possible.


A pattern similar to above is what we require to make a knife for you.

The cutout pattern to your design or requirements should be posted to us at :-

Lucris Manufacturing Pty Ltd 

178 Robinson Road South, Ocean View, Q 4521.

Accuracy is a requirement. ( this will be within plus or minus 0.2mm.)

Note:- All knives are made essentially "by hand" to the exact shape you supply.

Knife quote (price). #Please note :- Bits of stuff (old leather parts, parts hacked  from plastic, or general bits of material in any form) are not patterns.

When the shape you send us is not accurate, we have to guess and we could easily get it wrong, as we do not know your particular trade.

*Pattern card 200 GSM craft card (this is thin stiff cardboard) Other acceptable card is Office Manila folder card.

Almost any size pattern should be ok with this method (posted)

You may do almost any shape with Adobe Illustrator and send it as PDF.

But Please:-

There is then no need to put measurements on your work(pattern) as we can see immediately if there is a "printed" size difference.

Please note:- A photo of something is not a pattern even if it has measurements, as a photo is not to scale.

We need to get a full size pattern  to scale.

Stock Knives
We have no stock of knives.
All designs belong to the person supplying them, and we do not copy them
for others.

PS:- Although we rarely have a problem with any knives, should for any reason you wish to make a claim, you must return the original pattern( even though it may look slightly burnt, and have bits of tape on it ) with the claim.)

Footnote :- Significant extra costs will occur if we have to match a pattern to some object as this is a very difficult and time consuming process.