Lucris Press Knives

Lucris Manufacturing Pty Ltd

M A SERIES III  -- bench top clicker´╗┐


 Totally Australian Made

Fully hand assembled and tested

Guaranteed to be of the highest mecanical standard.

Cutting pressure --- up to 5 tons

   Width ---- 305 mm  (12" )   Machine weight ---- 45 kg (100 lbs )   Machine(+handle up) ---- 812 mm (38")   Max. cutting thickness ---- 10 mm  (3/8")
Working with machinery clicker dies 19mm high, will easily cut wallets, belt tips, small shoes, purses and hundreds of other items.Swatch making, craft, baby shoes, souvenirs, laboratory specimen dies, leather craftAble to be used as a trimmer for saddlery and leather belts.With cutting dies and the M A Series III Bench top clicker press, many cutting problems can be solved in leathercraft and other industries.
Also able to pressure emboss medium density plate to about 100mm x 100mm.
We have over 50 years experience in die (knife)manufacture, and we have manufactured the M A Series III for nearly 20 years, with several enhancements  along the way.
These machines are manufactured  northwest of Brisbane.
We have a pickup price  (straight off the assembly not packaged) of AUD$1200.00  + GST. We can specially package single machines for transport and transport them. Note:- They are heavy (52kg packed). Transport & packaging will add between $130 and $220 to most Australian locations (email the exact destination for a more accurate price). Transporting single machines to overseas destinations will add quite a lot more to the freight & packing charges and is not generally recomended  but exporting quantity orders  of 12 or more is supported and we regulally do this to many countries worldwide.
* Although there are thousands of these machines worldwide, virtually every single machine is assembled and tested by the original inventor.